Activa Rack

Integrated and autonomous fire detection and extinguishing system for AEROSOL for applications in 19″ Rack Cabinets

Activa RACK is an autonomous integrated fire detection and extinguishing system with aerosols. The revelation of two different types of technologies (temperature and carbon monoxide), make the detection of a fire in its initial propagation phase effective and timely. Activa RACK is recommended for fire detection in 19 ” rack cabinets, such as data cabinets or electrical cabinets. The aerosol generators are mounted in special drawers mounted interlocking on the back of the unit structure and 110 g of compound. The Activa Rack unit in the basic configuration can monitor and shut down a volume of 1.30 cubic meters. A maximum of three sensor units can be connected. This feature allows the unit to be configured with different combinations of sensor association and extinguishing outputs, so that it can be used to protect different compositions of 19” rack cabinets, up to a maximum volume of 4.5 cubic meters. Using the three output relays available, you can interface Activa Rack with third-party systems. External buttons can be connected for manual shutdown commands. The Activa Rack unit is powered by an external 220 V network and has an internal buffer battery. The anomalies related to the power supplies are punctually indicated by the yellow LED lighting up and the wording on the display. All recorded events are shown on the display. Furthermore, by navigating in the system menu you can read information such as events, sensor status or select language or set date and time. A key selector allows you to choose the mode of operation of the unit. The unit is easy to install to a rack cabinet and is secured by caged screws.

  • Aerosol fire and extinguishing unit, versatile for application in 19 ” cabinets.
  • Possibility of connecting up to three sensor units with
    a maximum coverage of a volume up to 4.5 m3;
  • Possibility of integrating the system with one or two drawers each containing a 110 g aerosol dispenser;
  • Possibility to integrate the unit to an external system, for applications where it is required to interface with existing detection systems or remote alarms with voltage free contacts;
  • Power supply with 220 V mains and buffer battery;
  • Possibility to connect two external buttons for manual management;
  • Easy installation in 19” rack cabinets;
  • Possibility to expand the extinction with aerosol generators of higher grammage, depending on the volume to be protected.

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    System for fire detection in false ceiling


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