Detection and extinguishing unit

Integrated system for the prevention of fires in electrical panels, electrical power stations both mobile and fixed, shelters for laboratories and / or technological equipment.

ACTIVA FMD is an integrated system of detection, alert and automatic / manual fire extinguishing. The device allows a thermal and carbon monoxide detection with editable thresholds (at the factory, in the environmental temperature limits of sensors operation), alarm LED, pre-alarm and fault with integrated buzzer.
ACTIVA FMD is particularly indicated in the management of those events fire that may occur in places where it is not normally possible to install conventional fire detection/extinguishing systems.
ACTIVA FMD must be supplied with a 12 Vdc 2A power adapter or batteries.
ACTIVA FMD is composed of one unit of analysis and can be used to activate an external generator of every size/weight.
ACTIVA FMD can activate up to 10 generators of every size (requires optional module FMD10)
Power supply of 12 Vdc 2A or batteries (optional). Complete with DIN rail mounting bracket that allows the fastening both of existing and dedicated bars. Please Note. This mode is NOT available with battery powered. Complete of DIN rail mounting bracket that allows the fastening both of existing and dedicated bars.

  • Integrable solutions with all the detection and management systems of buildings
  • Highly sensitive detection and extinguishing system in a single device;
  • Monitoring 24 hours per day, 7 days a week;
  • Extremely compact;
  • Units installed completely inside the cabinet;
  • Minimal investment;
  • Reduced installation costs (plug&play and wireless);
  • Low maintenance costs;
  • Extinction guaranteed;
  • Limited damage and loss.
  • Three LED indicators;
  • Buzzer.

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    System for fire detection in false ceiling


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