Domino Automotive System

A flexible and modular safety system

The innovation

During this years of commitment, we listened to our clients, trying to find the best solution for the safety of the people and the goods we daily protect.

Our engineers and technicians worked together to build the new SAS CU_MZ.
This product gives you the uniqueness to protect up to 4 zones with only 1 central unit, maintaining a highly competitive price.

For more informations, take a look at the datasheet or contact us.

Solution to all problems

The engine compartment of motor vehicles or vessels, and in general all devices with moving parts, are subject to fires due to friction, high temperatures and flammability of the fuel and lubricating oils.

A fire on vehicles, causing massive damage due to the difficult accessibility and visibility of the compartment concerned and the intervention of firefighters can only see the damage that has already occurred.

One system more applications

Domino automotive system is an integrated system for fire detection and extinguishing. It can be used on all vehicles: bus, trucks, trailers, RV’s, all types of work machines, boats, storage containers and more…

System benefits


  • Efficient and effective on every vehicle and situation
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • This highly flexible system adapts to every situation in automotive field and it is compatible with different kinds of fire suppressing systems (aerosol, water-mist, foam, etc.)
  • Integrable with any GPS device on the vehicle, through the alarm and fault relays or dedicated bus module

Technical peculiarities


  • The system can handle up to a maximum of 4 zones for the detection and extinguishing of the fire with BUS touchscreen for the supervision and the configuration of the system
  • Non-volatile memory events (1000 events)
  • Discharge of the event memory on the PC
  • Using and managing backup batteries for operation with the engine stopped or no power from the vehicle battery
  • Triple discharge cycle in case of aerosol generator use
  • Choice of fire detection technology (linear heat detection cables, heat sensors, smoke detectors)


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