Automotive Central Unit

Central Unit for Aerosol Fire Detection and Extinguish in Automotive System

  • Central Unit for Aerosol Fire Detection and Extinguish System for onshore and offshore applications;
  • Capacity to manage up to 4 detection and extinguish zone with bus connection and supervision by touch screen;
  • Choice of Fire Detection Technology (linear heat detector cable or heat sensors);
  • Monitored Input/Output unit;
  • Direct control of up to 10 aerosol generator;
  • Back up batteries and its monitoring;
  • RS485 Bus Connection;
  • Remote management by touchscreen or I/O unit of RS485 bus;
  • Acoustic Alarm Signal;
  • NVM (Non Volatile Memory);
  • Possibility to insert System parameters by touchscreen;
  • Basic settings and memory download through PC;
  • Manual or Automatic Operation mode;
  • Test mode for I/O check.

Central Unit for Aerosol Detection and Extinguish Automotive System is for onshore and offshore applications.
The unit is capable in a full autonomous manner to analyze fire conditions inside a vehicle/boat and to activate the procedure for fire monitoring and extinguishment.
The Central Unit can be configured to receive fire alarms form linear heat detector cables or heat sensors. In this case it is possible to choose the activation alarm parameters.
The extinguish activation can be automatic and/or manual.
The automatic extinguish procedure is managed by 2 timers freely programmable in order to personalize the control procedures preceding the possible fire extinguish action.
The central unit is able to command and monitor up to a maximum of 10 aerosol generator of any size (extinguishing mass) and type. Therefore is possible to satisfy any demand in terms of dimension of extinguish zones.
The Central Unit can be managed directly by a Command panel and wire signaling and remotely by touch screen or by an I/O unit with the related command panel and wire signaling.
It is possible to create an integrated system of up to 4 Fire Detection and Extinguish panels, each one of which could manage independently 1 zone. All the zones can be supervised by the touch screen connected in bus by RS485 Serial port.
The unit is equipped with NVM for storage of all events (alarms, actions, and faults) located in a special module that can manage the communication with a PC by USB port.
A specific module manages the power supply through backup batteries in case of failure of primary power supply.
The complete programming of the automotive system is made exclusively by touch screen.

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