Safety Automotive System Multizone

Multi-zone Central Unit for Aerosol Fire Detection and Extinguish System

  • Multi zone central unit for aereosol fire detection and extinguish system
  • Capability to protect up to 4 Zone
  • Possibility to choose the Fire Detection Technology (probe heater, linear heat detector
    cable or heat sensors)
  • System status monitored 24/7
  • Communication Bus RS485
  • Ethernet cable connection via PC
  • Acoustic and visual alarm signaling
  • Event memory
  • Functioning mode Automatic or Manual
  • Test mode for checking inputs and outputs
  • Display and signaling LEDsBuzzer

The unit is able in a totally autonomous way to analyze the fire conditions inside the vehicle and activate the procedures for verifying and possibly extinguishing the fire in progress. In order to be able to choose the best specific technology for the required application, the control unit can be configured to receive alarms from heatsensitive cables, temperature probes or smoke detectors. Shutdown activation can be automatic and / or manual.
The automated shutdown procedure is managed by 1 freely programmable timer in order to make the
verification procedures customizable, prior to any fire extinguishing action. The central unit is able to pilot and monitor the shutdown of aerosol generators of any size (extinguishing mass) and type. The control unit has the ability to monitor every single element that makes up the system (detection inputs and shutdown outputs), to record each event, to detect any anomalies and to activate the shutdown in the event of a fire. The system does not require maintenance.

The SAS CU_MZ central unit for fire detection and aerosol extinguishing was created to be used on vehicles (especially electric and hybrid ones) such as buses, trucks, trucks, etc., for recharging columns of electric vehicles, shelters, containers, technical rooms, cabins and wind turbines etc.

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