Aerosol Management Panel Led Version

Aerosol Management Panel with Led Signal Interface

  • Aerosol Management Panel for fire extinguishment.
  • Management of up to 6 aerosol fire extinguishing outputs.
  • I/O status monitoring.
  • Direct control of maximum 10 aerosol generator for each output (maximum 10 generators)
  • Back up batteries management and control.
  • RS485 Bus comunication.
  • Acoustic alarm signal (75dB at 3,28ft).
  • Non volatile Memory (NVM).
  • Basic setting and events download through direct connection to a PC.
  • Automatic or Manual function.
  • I/O Test Mode to check connection integrity.
  • Main power supply, 88-264Vac.

The Aerosol Management Panel (AMP) allows GAS Extinguishing panels to control Aerosol generators.

The Aerosol Management Panel (AMP) connects to the GAS Extinguishing panels through the output port. This connection allows it to receive the command for Aerosol generator activation.
In case of emergency, the Aerosol generators can also be activated by manual call points or pull stations (USA).

The Aerosol Management Panel (AMP) has 6 outputs. Each output is able to command and monitor up to a maximum of 10 Aerosol generators (any Model). This make possible to satisfy the volume demanded by multiple extinguishing zones. The unit is equipped with Non – volatile Memory (NVM) for the storage of all REAL-TIME events such as alarms, actions, faults. The NVM is located within a special module that manages all PC communication via a USB port.

The AMP is equipped with a proprietary module for management of the power supply through its backup batteries in case of failure by the primary power supply. Output activation can be managed automatically by the Extinguish panel and/ or manually by a manual call point or pull station (USA).

  • Aerosol generators interconnection Box;
  • Interface module for the extinguishing panel with monitored output.

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Aerosol Management Panel


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