Projets dans lesquels nous croyons

ONG Bambini nel Deserto Onlus

ONG Bambini nel Deserto Onlus was born in 2000 with the aim of improving, through direct and concrete actions, the living conditions of children and their communities in Sahara andSahel. The activity of BND has traditionally been deployed in six areas: water, food and food self-sufficiency, health, education and childcare, economic development, migration. With the growth of the organization, also international cooperation projects have grown, and today they are more and more multi-sectoral intervention programs. Since 2010, BND is also involved, as partners of UN agencies, in situations of Humanitarian Emergencies (the fight against malnutrition, refugees, child protection, etc..). Thanks to the dedication of volunteers and qualified professionals, BND has developed over 350 projects.

Sergio Citterio Travel blog

Sergio Citterio Travel blog was created to document a motorcycle trip  to Georgia and Armenia for humanitarian purposes. The aim is to raise funds for Garage Italia, the first workshop for mechanics course in Ouagaoudoou, Burkina Faso capital, in aid of children in situations of social vulnerability (orphans, single-parent families ).


Favola est un livre pour les enfants avec le texte de Silvia Cruciani et les illustrations de Ferdinando Sciarrini, présenté pour la première fois dans Senza Caffeina, les enfants aire de festival de Caffeina 2014. Produit de la vente du livre est destiné Eta Beta association, connectée au Département de neuropsychiatrie infantile du AUSL de Viterbo.


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