The Fire detection and extinguishing System (SAS) of Domino Technology, is able to detect a fire through a couple of sensor and activate the extinguishing using aerosol generators.

It is possible to create more detection and extinguishing system independent of each other, up to a maximum of 4 zones.

Our SAS System has been installed on the Irizar ie-Truck, the new electric truck of Irizar Group.

This innovative electric truck is part of the range of zero emission products, and responds to several market needs and allows to circulate in cities and urban environments without creating any atmosphere or acoustic pollution.

It’s equipped with the latest technology in active safety.

  • Lane changes (LDWS) can be detected because of the built in camera and front radar sensors.
  • The drivers is alerted if the vehicle swerves unintentionality.


It’s equipped with an emergency assisted braking (AEBS) which activates the emergency brake if the vehicle gets too close to the vehicle in front of and the driver doesn’t react in time.

Their particular attention in the field of safety, has made possible the installation of the Fire detection and extinguishing System (SAS), momentarily present in two demos, but that will go standard in all their ie-Truck.


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