COVID-19 – We continue to be by your side.

COVID-19 – We continue to be by your side.

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The new Generation for Automotive fire security system

The new Generation for Automotive fire security system

Detection and fire extinguishing are two aspects that have become fundamental in the Automotive sector.
Trying to detect a fire in the shortest possible time allows not only to put the passengers in safety, but also to prevent any damage to the vehicle.
Domino Technology has developed a new technology that detects and reports the fire in real time. The extinguishment, which occurs through aerosols of potassium salts, is not toxic to humans, but is also ecological and does not damage the compartments that needs to be protected.

8 detection lines

4 aerosol extinguishing outputs

1 central unit that monitors the entire system

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The fire protection in wind turbine

The fire protection in wind turbine

The fire detection and extinguishing system SAS CU_MZ of Domino Technology protects up to 4 distinct zones


The central unit is connected to two sensors, who detect the fire with the logic of double consent.

Pre-alarm is signaled by the first sensor and once confirmed by the second, the signal reaches the control unit that activates the discharge of aerosol dispensers.



The SAS CU_MZ system can be applied in wind turbine, to protect:





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The progress of the Irizar group and the collaboration with Domino Technology

The progress of the Irizar group and the collaboration with Domino Technology

The Fire detection and extinguishing System (SAS) of Domino Technology, is able to detect a fire through a couple of sensor and activate the extinguishing using aerosol generators.

It is possible to create more detection and extinguishing system independent of each other, up to a maximum of 4 zones.

Our SAS System has been installed on the Irizar ie-Truck, the new electric truck of Irizar Group.

This innovative electric truck is part of the range of zero emission products, and responds to several market needs and allows to circulate in cities and urban environments without creating any atmosphere or acoustic pollution.

It’s equipped with the latest technology in active safety.

  • Lane changes (LDWS) can be detected because of the built in camera and front radar sensors.
  • The drivers is alerted if the vehicle swerves unintentionality.


It’s equipped with an emergency assisted braking (AEBS) which activates the emergency brake if the vehicle gets too close to the vehicle in front of and the driver doesn’t react in time.

Their particular attention in the field of safety, has made possible the installation of the Fire detection and extinguishing System (SAS), momentarily present in two demos, but that will go standard in all their ie-Truck.

eROAD ARLANDA -Between safety, saving and innovation-

eROAD ARLANDA -Between safety, saving and innovation-

It is clear the change of direction for the production and trade of electric and hybrid vehicles in Europe and other countries.

On April 11, 2018 was inaugurated the Arlanda eRoad, the first stretch of road in Sweden that can recharge electric vehicle during their transit.


The project is based on two tracks, which hang up a movable arm installed below the vehicle that needs to recharged and that, through the contact, transfers the energy.

If the vehicle changes the lanes, the movable arm is disconnected.

It is divided into sections long 50 meters, each of which is powered only when a vehicle is above it. The system it is able to monitor the amount of energy supplied to the vehicle and recognized it. The cost of refuelling is then charged directly to the account of the vehicle owner.

This stretch of road currently covers an area of about 2 km and, for now, it is a test phase to understand the potential.

The inauguration of the road was performed by a diesel truck that was transformed into an electric truck of the Swedish company PostNord, the aim is to extend its use to all electric vehicle on such technology is extended to other roads and highways.

The cost of electrifying a highway with this technology amounts to about 1 million euros for kilometre, while safety is guaranteed because the energy is not on the surface but at about 5-6 cm below the road surface.

By combining the road charges and the autonomy of each car, the vehicles should always have the charge.




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Fire prevention in public transport: from planning to operation

Fire prevention in public transport: from planning to operation

DOMINO TECHNOLOGY, official sponsor of  event organized by ASSTRA (national association of companies that manage local public transport in Italy), held on 28 March 2019 at the ACI headquarters, presented the new fire detection and extinguishing system for buses.

Fire prevention in public transport is now a clear and consolidated topic, which requires special attention, especially for the complexity that it has.

The analysis of the fires that took place over the last few years was fundamental on this day and the predisposition to collaboration between constructors and TPL companies was essential to minimize the risk of fires on buses.

During the day the topic were:

– Timely detection

– Fire extinguishing for hybrid and electric buses

– Zero maintenance

An interesting comparison to protect our bus fleets and above all those who use them.



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