Capability to intervene before to intervene better.

An innovative concept for the prevention of fires in electrical panels, electrical power stations both mobile and fixed, shelters for laboratories and / or technological equipment. ACTIVA® is the device capable of integrating an effective detection system with an efficient aerosol extinguishing system.

Features and benefits

  • Integrable solutions with all the detection and management systems of buildings
  • Highly sensitive detection and extinguishing system in a single device
  • Monitoring 24 hours per day, 7 days a week
  • Extremely compact
  • Units installed completely inside the cabinet
  • Minimal investment
  • Reduced installation costs (plug&play and wireless)
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Extinction guaranteed
  • Limited damage and loss

Detection and control

  • Thermal
  • Carbon Monoxide


How it works

Activa® operates as a fire detection system continuously analyzing the physical parameters of the protected area.

Through the joint action of a thermal sensor and carbon monoxide sensor, Activa® is able to detect the early fire condition.

Activa® is able to promptly report the condition of criticality to existing alarm systems (fire, anti-intrusion, BMS, PLC etc.)

Activa® is able to activate an aerosol generator of 100 gr in the FE100 configuration or a generator of larger weight (eg 3250 gr) and in FMD plus configuration up to 10 generators simultaneously.

Activa®’s intervention is not limited to full-blown fire but is able to detect in advance, making following actions more effective and minimazing damages.



Activa perfectly adapts to the increasing demand for security solutions where the continuity of service and the safety staff becomes an essential factor.

Activa controls and protects the control and management systems

Suitable for protecting electromedical equipment

Activa safeguards the systems of process control and business continuity

The safety of many people can depend on small risk factors

ACTIVA FMD (Fire Management Device) combines the potetiality of detection (thermal and carbon monoxide) of the Activa system to the modularity of a complex extinguishing system. ACTIVA FMD basic is able to drive and to manage an aerosol generator of large size (eg. 3250 gr) and up to 10 generators in the configuration ACTIVA FMD plus.

■ Control and activation of one generator
■ Possibility of wireless communication

■ Control and activation (with expansion board) of up to 10 Aerosol generators
■ Possibility of wireless communication

ACTIVA FE100 combines the potential of detection (thermal and carbon monoxide) to an aerosol generator of 100 g in stand-alone configuration. More units ACTIVA® FE100 (max 7) can be connected to form a network capable of operating in a synergistic way. Both solutions can communicate with existing detection systems or BMS (I/O Module) both wired than wireless (Wi-Fi module).

■ Stand-Alone
■ Possibility of wireless communication

■ Network of more FE100 (max 7) for more complex applications
■ Possibility of wireless communication
■ Wired communication of status



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