In the last years the world of mobility has embarked on a new route, embracing eco-sustainability. The future is electric.

Obviously the new technologies foresee the use of highly controlled materials for the constriction of electric vehicles / buses and the attached columns of refills, but when we look for the main causes of fire, we find in the first line the electrical devices / systems.

Safety is obviously a key factor for every charging system, especially taking into account that the charging station:

  • provides a connection socket
  • is on the road,
  • it is accessible from ordinary people, that is without any particular risk competence, even of an electrical nature.

ACTIVA continuously monitors both carbon monoxide levels and the absolute and differential temperature inside the electric charging column.

As soon as an increase in the concentration of monoxide and the temperature in a critical range is recorded, a pre-alarm is generated, over the range an alarm is signaled that activates the aerosol shutdown.

ACTIVA FE 100 is a device capable of integrating effective detection system with an efficient aerosol shutdown system


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